Motorsport Rotary Torque Sensors

Below is a selection of businesses who design, manufacture and/or supply Rotary Torque Sensors for motorsport applications, with contact information and live website links. If we have missed anyone out or if you would like to add your own company to this list please click here

Premium Suppliers of Rotary Torque Sensors

Stack Instrumentation, Data Logging, TPMS & Video Stack provide a wide range of sensors and specialist interfaces to meet the vast majority of Motorsport requirements. We only offer sensors that have passed our rigorous testing program, and have proven suitable for Motorsport Applications. Our comprehensive range of sensors include Absolute Pressure Sensors, Linear Displacement, Temperature Sensors, Accelerometer and Rotary Throttle & Steering Position Sensors.
Sensor Technology Torque & Load Sensors for Motorsport Manufacturers of TORQSENSE Transducers, the worlds first low cost non-contact rotary torque sensors. Working at any speed and using existing technology in a novel way, a wide range of transducers can be produced for applications including aerospace,automotive,motor control, and condition monitoring of torsional resonances in rotating machinery.
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