Gill Sensors

Position Sensors & Liquid Level Sensors for Motorsport

Gill Sensors has been supplying liquid level, position and speed sensors to Motorsport teams around the world for many years. We have built up a reputation for quality and reliability, with an unrivalled rapid custom design service that can be depended upon throughout the year.

Position Sensors

Gill Position Sensors use induction technology to detect the position of a metallic object (often referred to as the ‘activator’) which is mounted to the moving part of the application. There is no contact between the sensor and the moving part.

All of our standard position sensor designs are fully sealed and submersible, and have been designed specifically for use in extreme operating environments: high/low temperatures and thermal shock; vibration; shock; dust; grime; salt spray; pressure washing.

With no moving parts within the position sensor and no contact with the moving part of the application, the reliability of Gill non-contact position sensors is unrivalled by contacting technologies.

Unlike non-contact hall-effect devices, induction position sensing technology is unaffected by permanent magnets or the earth’s magnetic field, and the output will not drift with temperature. This ensures that the high level of accuracy is maintained regardless of the operating conditions.

Liquid Level Sensors

Gill is widely recognised as the world leader in capacitive liquid level sensing technology. With a range of standard liquid level sensor designs and the ability to produce bespoke sensors in low and high volumes, there are very few applications that we are unable to accommodate.

All of our liquid level sensors use capacitive technology to sense the level of liquid, with no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages. With nothing to wear, jam or break within the sensor, long term reliability is excellent, which is especially desirable in remote locations or where sensor access is difficult.

Each sensor offers a fully configurable 0-5V analogue output, compatible with most industry-standard systems. All of the processing electronics are located on-board the sensor within the mounting flange; no other remote electronic components are required.

Gill liquid level sensors are used in an extremely wide range of industries and applications including Formula 1 Race Cars (and most other premier motorsport series); Military Land Vehicles; Unmanned Aircraft; Trains and Locomotives; Mining Machinery; Industrial machinery. Gill Liquid Level Sensors are often used in harsh or extreme operating environments, where other types of sensor or technology will simply not survive.